3-7-15 Lovers Key State Park

Driving along Estero Blvd. from Bonita Springs is a beautiful drive with the ocean on one side and Estero Bay on the other.  We pulled into the south entrance to the park and drove up to the parking area where the canoe/kayak launch is located.  We ate lunch and Sharon looked for a place to paint. She decided to go,over to the beach side by tram, and I liked the bay side to fish.  The bay was clear with mangroves lining all sides of the twisty creek like bay.

I was excited to see this kind of water, since it is more red fish and snooky looking……  There were a bunch of different cuts in the mangroves, but they were spaced a fair distance apart. I walked to each spot and waded.  I could only wade a few steps out since it dropped off pretty quick. It took about an hour, but as I walked down to a spot near the bridge, I saw a red and spooked him. I made a few casts and had a follow. A few more cast with my Yozuri L minnow p, and wham! I had a red on!  I was hing the red did not try to take me into the mangroves, or I would surely lose this battle.  But, he didn’t and pulled hard to deep water. It is my best fish of the tour, and weighed close to 5 pounds.


On my way back to the car, I noticed a few manatees swimming near the bridge and took a short video. I hope you enjoy.




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