9-26-15 Natural Bridge State Park and Bald Point State Park

South of Tallahassee, off the beaten patch, is a secluded park called Natural Bridge. At the north end of the park is an underground river, and where it come up is a great fishing spot. In the tannic stained water I saw many bass swimming and a few bream. Most were skittish, and I could not get them to look at a lure. I did catch a few on a watermelon trick work around 12″ long.

I did get another one to come look at a vintage Creek Chub darter, but it never struck. It followed it for about a few yards, and gave up.

The next Park that we stopped at was Bald Point.  It is exactly that, a point that extends out into the gulf where the Ochlockonee River enters the gulf.  This was a very interesting place to fish since I could wade or fish off the dock.


There is a nice eddy that forms around the dock near the bank, and is a great place to fish.  I was able to catch a flounder and a nice trout on my Yozuri jerk bait.  I had few other bites, and had a real nice flounder break my line and cost me a lure!


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