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9-27-15 Ochlockonee River and Econfina River State Parks

White Squirrels! The Ochlockonee River State Park south of Tallahassee, has a few friends waiting for you! Yes, the white squirrels are quote tame and will try to bum a potato chip or two from you. The park has a nice dock and some walk down area that you can fish from. The rain was coming down for the entire time we were there, so it was needless to say, a little slow at the park. if fact, we were the only visitors for the 2 1/2 hours we were there!

The tide was moving pretty well, so I thought I would do well off the dock. I tried to fish for the saltwater predators first, but nothing was biting. I switched to bass gear, and that didn’t produce any bites either. The only thing that was biting were the squirrels as you can see by the picture.

white squirrel ochlocknee

The Econfina River park was also not very crowded. Only a few cars drove in, mostly to as how the fishing was. I talked to the park ranger and he said fishing was good for catfish right now, and reds and trout did not move in until next month. I asked him about the bass, and he said yes, they are doing pretty well. The tide was moving out and it was close to low tide. I tried the trick work on a shaky head since the bottom was hard shells and rocks. I picked up a 12″ bass right off the bat. I caught another one, and then landed a nice bowfin or mudfish around 4 pounds. According to the locals that stopped by, you can have 30-50 fish days kayaking down the river in the late spring to summer months. A great place to fish that is not crowded, so take it in if you have   the chance.




9-26-15 Natural Bridge State Park and Bald Point State Park

South of Tallahassee, off the beaten patch, is a secluded park called Natural Bridge. At the north end of the park is an underground river, and where it come up is a great fishing spot. In the tannic stained water I saw many bass swimming and a few bream. Most were skittish, and I could not get them to look at a lure. I did catch a few on a watermelon trick work around 12″ long.

I did get another one to come look at a vintage Creek Chub darter, but it never struck. It followed it for about a few yards, and gave up.

The next Park that we stopped at was Bald Point.  It is exactly that, a point that extends out into the gulf where the Ochlockonee River enters the gulf.  This was a very interesting place to fish since I could wade or fish off the dock.


There is a nice eddy that forms around the dock near the bank, and is a great place to fish.  I was able to catch a flounder and a nice trout on my Yozuri jerk bait.  I had few other bites, and had a real nice flounder break my line and cost me a lure!