3-7-15 Delnor-Wiggins State Park

Delnor-Wiggins is a beach front park near Naples Florida. It has a large boat channel that runs along the north side where most people fish. I decided to walk along the channel side and get as close to the mangroves and close to the channel drop off.

I used the Yozuri L-Minnow jerk-bait and within a few minutes I caught a nice Lady fish. There was current in the channels the tide was going out. I moved further into the channel but never got another bite.

wiggins lady fish

Since this park is located near Naples, it is a nice viewing site for some large boats and very popular with the beach crowd. I guess if I was fishing with some live bait, it could be good for fishing, but that is not what I am doing on my State park’s tour. I only fish with lures, and only fish for an hour or two in each park.

wiggins pass 1

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