2-7-15 Ft Pierce Inlet & Avalon

Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park has a beach and a small jetty along the inlet side of the park. Since I have no luck with surfcasting, I went for the inlet side and started working the incoming tide with a jerkbait and a Berkley shrimp. There was a point with some deeper water on each side, but nothing seemed to be biting.

As the tide started changing and going out, I went back to an area where the mangroves were growing, and were not in the water at the lowest part of the tide, but at high tide, and the water starting to move out, I decided to give it another try. I threw my jerkbait to the point of the mangroves that were in the deepest water, and sure enough a nice snook engulfed it! As I started to remove the hook, I realized I left my phone back with Sharon where she was painting since I had to wade, and did not want to take a chance on getting it wet. Sorry guys and gals, but no picture here, and it happened to be my best snook of the tour to date…….. Figures….

Here are some pics of the park that shows you where I was fishing with a nice retro look.

avalonft pierce 1

We also stopped at Avalon Park on the way back. Avalon is a beachfront park only, and since I really do not do well fishing with lures on the beach, I didn’t fish there very long. Beautiful, un-crowded beach if that is what you are looking for on the Atlantic side.

ft pierce 2

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