3-28-15 Skyway Bridge and Terra Ceia Preserve State Parks

It was a little cool for the end of March when we left in the morning for St. Petersburg and Bradenton Florida. The temperature read a brisk 48 on the dash of the Equinox. But as usual in Florida, it warmed up quick and we got to the Skyway Bridge State Park around 10:00. The state turned the old bridge into a fishing pier when the new bridge was built. It is always crowded with anglers on the weekend.

skyway 3

The first section of the park is a rest area on the St. Petersburg side of the bridge, that has some nice areas to fish form the shore. This is my preference since I only fish with artificial lures on my quest to fish the state parks. The tide was low, and wading was the natural choice. I fished off a point close to rest area. It was difficult throwing my normal Yozuri jerkbait, since the grass was near the surface, and the wind was howling at about 15-20 mph. I managed only a few Pinfish with my bait, which were barely larger than what I was throwing……. Here are a few shots of the park.

skyway 2skyway 4

Next we crossed the bridge and took a small road off 19 and found a secluded park called Terra Ceia Preserve. This park doesn’t even have a sign or admittance. It is a nice marshy area with winding creeks around mangrove islands. I was able to walk around some of the area and cast to some of the mangrove islands.

Ciega park

I used the Yozuri, and right off the bat this nice snook nailed my lure, and the fight was on!

ciega crop


It happened to be the only bite I had in the two hours we visited the park, but still put up a nice fight and made the trip!


to be the only

lures on

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