5-23-15 Bill Baggs State Park

Right outside the metropolis of Miami Florida, the Rickenbacker Causeway takes you to quite a different land than the concrete jungle of Miami. Key Biscayne has very nice park for tourist or locals that want to get away for the day. The water of the bay is very clear, and a lighthouse still stands on the beach. You can also still see some of the “stilt houses” that are famous for this area.

bill baggs 1

There is a nice fishing area along a seawall that stretches for a 1/2 mile or so. Plenty of places to pick up a rod and fish without a lot of company. I never did get a bite, but saw an array of fish swimming in the rocks near the seawall. I am not sure what these black fish are, but they seem to be bottom algae feeders. I did have a few fish zero in on my lure, but no takers. They were most likely mackerel, but couldn’t make them out exactly.

bill baggs 2

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