5-7-15 Grayton Beach and Topsail


Grayton Beach was home base for us for 3 nights on our panhandle trip. It has nice cabins, tucked away in the woods near the beach. This area of the panhandle is very unique with it’s dune lakes. Grayton Beach has one of the largest and most fishable of the dune lakes. Dune lakes are formed in the dunes close to the beach. The lakes are fed with freshwater, but small cuts in the beach will back-fill these lakes with saltwater. The dune lakes are brackish and support fresh and saltwater fish. Mostly bass and redfish. This made this park one of the prime targets for me. it would be awesome to catch a nice redfish and bass out of the same water!


I caught a small bass on a fluke when they started schooling as I waded Western Lake. Unfortunately, it was the only fish I caught. I had a few more bites, but that’s it, just bites.


We also went to Topsail Park which also has some freshwater lakes. The trolley takes you to the beach, but we decided to stay near the lakes. Sharon painted at the lake and I fished. I caught a bass before I could even put my tackle bag down!


I thought this was going to be the day to remember….. I did catch another one about 3-4 pounds, (right in front of the trolley driver) so and another 14″ bass, so it was a good day fishing.


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