5-14-15 Tarklin Bayou and Big Lagoon

Tarklin Bayou has a pier at the end of a 1/2 mile or so hike down a nice paved trail and boardwalk trail. Take lots of bug spray, as the mosquitos were huge and will eat you alive…..  We made it to the pier, and were the only ones there since it was a weekday, and we were there early in the AM. I made several cast with the Yozuri lure and my Shrimp lure.  As we were getting ready to leave, I finally got a bite on the Yozuri. I thought I had a nice redfish, but it ended up being a saltwater catfish. They pull just like a red, so you never know until you get them close enough to see.


We went to Big Lagoon State park after Tarklin. Near Pensacola, this park has a nice lagoon that is easy to wade.  It has grass beds, and there would seem to be an abundance of redfish. However, in the 2 hours I had to fish, I had little luck. I did get a nice thump on the Yozuri (purple back), but the fish cut my line, so I assume it was a Mackerel.


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