5-10-15 St Joe and St George

St Joseph Peninsula is a beautiful park just south of Apalachicola Florida. The peninsula provides a sheltered bay on the northeast side. It is perfect for kayaking or wading since it is shallow, and has plenty of grass on the bottom. I picked a spot where the cut goes under the road and I could see some tide moving. I fished in front of the cut and picked up a Lady Fish right off the bat.


Wading further out in the grass, I had several bites and missed them. I was using the small L minnow Yozuri, when a Redfish nailed it. It wasn’t that large but still pulled hard.


I caught a few more :Lady Fish and a few Mangrove Snapper,


and then I had the bite of the trip…… A huge Redfish grabbed the Yozuri and was off to the deeper lagoon. I fought him for what seemed several minutes, and had him coming to me. Sharon had the camera poised and shot a picture of him still fighting, but as he got within a few

yards of me, he made one last run and pulled off!


Oh that one hurt! That’s what makes you come back for more…..

I thought St George would be more of the same, but it did not have the same kind of grassy bay. It did have a lot of oyster bars. I wadded out in the bars and worked a shrimp lure and the Yozuri. I ended up with one Lady Fish that jumped a few times and gave me a small thrill. The wind was pretty fierce that day, so the Gulf side was not an option.

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