1-31-15 Myakka River and Oscar Scherer State parks

Sharon and I were back out on the Florida State Parks trail this last weekend, and visited the Myakka River and Oscar Scherer State Parks. Just to recap how I am approaching the parks, I only fish with artificial lures, and only fish each park for about 2 hours or less from the shore.

The Myakka River Park was the first stop in the morning, which is just south and east of Sarasota. I tested the area where the river meets the lake since the water was flowing, but the area I could fish from was very limited, and gators were everywhere! I got a few bites on a texas rigged trick worm, but decided to move on. I found a spot where a creek flowed under the road, and hooked up with a small bass, but it came off quickly. That was it for the Myakka, I really should have caught something here, but it was not my day.oscar 3

The Oscar Scherer State park has a small freshwater lake and a small brackish river to fish. I started at the freshwater lake and caught a few small bass.

oscar 4

I wanted to try the river for snook, so I walked down to the canoe launch area. I saw a bunch of shook schooling on bait, so I threw my Yo-Zuri jerkbait at them. I caught two quickly and a lady fish that was in there with them.

oscar 6

oscar 7

The strangest catch of my trip was the Tilapia that hit my jerkbait, or maybe I just snagged him in the lip!

oscar 5


small bass

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