Colt Creek State Park 12-27-14

This park is situated on an old limerock pit lakes near the Hillsborough River in Polk County Florida. It has 3 small lakes that were dredged, and are very deep. The main lake called Mac Lake, and has a pier at the end of the park where the pavilion is located.

I had to fish there since the rest of the shoreline was flooded due to all the rain we have been having in Florida. This lake is 50-80 feet deep in some places. The shoreline does have some cover, but I did not have much of that I could cast to.


I did get a bream bite or two on a finesse worm, but that was it. I did however get to see a rare site as it was happening. A mud fish had moved into the bank to spawn. I did not realize that these prehistoric fish, do not spawn like a bass or a bluegill and make a bed. When these fish are ready, they swim in and blow out millions of fry. I was fortunate to see this happen, and take a few pictures.

It did not last very long, and the big female slowly moved back out into the weeds and deeper cover. The fry cling together in a mass and follow mama as she moves out. What a sight!

I think if you hit the park right, these deep lakes should produce some large bass, but timing was just not that good for me on this two hour trip.

mud 5mud1 mud2 mud4

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